Foliar tepal evergreens

Foliar tepal flowers have green flowers that do not open and stay green on the plant for much longer than a normal clivia flower. These are mostly grown as ornamental collector`s items as they do not breed very well. Most of them do not produce pollen or set seeds when pollinated.

A few green bud type flowers were brought in from Belgium. These flowers don`t open completely and are very difficult to pollinate.

Ghoenang is another example of a rare find in a South African garden. They are not easily pollinated due to the fact that the flowers only open slightly, if at all. Tana`s Green is another find out of a local garden and is really an unusual flower with lots of white, green and brick colouring.

We have many of these foliar type flowers in our collection. Some have made seeds that flowered true to the mother plant. We have also made crosses, but these are yet to flower.

These flowers last very long on the plants, sometimes up to two months. They are mostly multiplied by division of plants.

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