Care and cultivation of new clivia seedlings

Planting and caring for your Clivia seedlings.

This is a guide to help beginners take good care of their newly acquired Clivia seedlings.


  1. Take care to unpack and unwrap your seedlings gently, as they have very fragile roots at this stage.
  2. We take the utmost care to pack your seedlings well so that they do not lose moisture during the travelling process.
  3. If they seem a bit dry, let the roots stand in a bit of tap water for about an hour to rehydrate.
  4. We use a very good mixture of potting soil, bark, filter sand and perlite.
  5. This mixture will drain well and keep your seedlings from getting waterlogged and too wet.
  6. Small seedlings can be planted into individual 15cm pots or they can be planted in community pot
  7. We prefer to plant them individually as this gives them room to grow and they will not affect each other if they get a disease.
  8. Clivia do not like direct sun, so they MUST be planted in full shade or dappled sunlight. They flower better in lighter shade. A little early morning sun is acceptable.
  9. Do not plant them too deep as the crown of the plant should be above the soil.
  10. Press the soil firmly around them.
  11. Water just lightly with a weak mixture of Nitrosol or Seagrow and a fungicide like Benomyl or Virikop.
  12. Water only once a week until established.
  13. Transplant into bigger pots once the seedling roots start showing at the top or bottom of the pot.
  14. Clivias normally produce flowers in their fourth year.
  15. Enjoy your new Clivias


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Care and cultivation of new clivia seedlings