CLIVIA: From a tiny little seed to a fabulous flower

CLIVIA: The story behind the beautiful clivia flower:

Clivia flowers are so beautiful, but very few people know of the lengthy process it takes to eventually get to the flower. I thought I would give new enthusiuasts a little peek into the beginnings of those beautiful flowers.

A process of about 5 years in all will get you from clivia seed to flowering size clivia. So patience is needed and a lot at that!

1. Pollination is done in flowering time.

2. Clivia seeds take 10 months to ripen

3. Clivia seeds are harvested and planted.

4. At 1 year old the clivia seedlings reach 2-3 leaf stage.

5. At 2 years the clivia seedlings have between 5 and 7 leaves.

6. At 3 years clivia seedlings have matured well and have between 8-12 leaves.

7. At 4 years old, your clivia should have at least 16 leaves to flower or it will only flower at 5 years old.