Narcotics Breeding

Narcotics Series:

The original series of plants were bred by Sean Chubb. The plants used to breed this magnificent range of plants, are Soft Touch and Hottie`s Hirao. Both these plants form part of our collection at Utopia Clivias. Some of the original plants bred by Sean, are Zol, Daggacookie, Joint, Umsangu, Greensleeves, Hash and Gunja. Since then,  many stunning f2`s have been bred by Sean as well as other breeders including ourselves.

This is by far one of our favourite range of plants to use in our breeding programme, as the future is limitless with genetic make up of these plants. These plants are all named in memory of David Bowie, one of my favourite artists who sadly passed away in 2016.

The colours range from sandy bronzes to pinky bronzes as well as deep brown bronzes with vibrant green throats and green colouration on tepals and back of the flowers. As the first generation of these plants contain genes of the famous "Hottie`s Hirao" they are split for a % of greens in the next generation.

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