Picotees and bi colours

Bicolour – is a two-coloured tepal, with the throat colour from 50 percent up until just under 90 percent of the tepal length. A throat combining yellow and white is to be regarded as a single colour throat.

Picotee – is a rim of colour of less than 10 percent of the length of the tepal on the distal or outer end of the tepal. There should be a clear demarcation between the outer rim and the throat colour. The rim should give the appearance of a continuous ring of colour around the edges of the flower.


Picotees and bi colours fall under the same type of colouring. A true picotee accoding to judging standards should only have 10% of colour around the rim of the petals. These plants are still very rare, but they do exsist. We have over the years produced very good results using a plant called Carrie`s Picotee in our breeding programme. Since then we have added some very good chiffons to that breeding line. The results range from bi colours to very good picotee types.

A new line we are breeding with are the thin Pencil line picotees. We have obtained the original parent plants of this line of picotees and will be breeding beautiful flowers from the f1`s currently in our collection as well as the original mother plant.

For the past few years we have imported very good picotee material from Japan. These plants are short leaf, compact plants and they are being used in our breeding programme to shorten leaves and make plants more squat.

We have several of these varieties available on our Seed Lists each year. Make sure you don`t miss out.

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