Splash Types

Splash flowers – Flowers with the tepals having evidence of a brushing of a second colour on the inner surface of the tepal.

As these types have increased over the past few years with breeding, we have decided to classify them on their own. These include plants like Royal Gala, Fairytales,Four Marys, Lady Jane and Andrew Gibson. These all breed similar types when crossed with each other.


Andrew Gibson - The original plant from the habitat. Yellow petals and the sepals are suffused with pink, especially on outside. Broad petals are recurved. The colour is light sensitive. This clone was also called 'Andrew Gibson Pink', 'Andrew Gibson Picotee' and 'Gibson Pink'.

Four Mary`s - A well known plant from Gordon McNeil. Sometimes called Four Mary. The flowers have red, pink, white and cream colour. Narrow tepals paler in centre of flower, segments are tipped with colour. This may be a group of like plants as seedlings in the McNeil collection that flower in the likeness of the original are selected out and planted in a special terrace garden. One of the choice flower colour forms within the genus.

Lady Jane - Bred from Four Mary`s

Gordonia- A selection in the McNeil collection. Fuller, broader petal blooms than 'Four Marys', but same light colour, somewhat darker reddish tints on outside. Stunning flower!

Chubb Splash – Originally bred from a habitat plant named Andrew Gibson this variety is basically yellow with red splashes on the back of the petals. The contrasting colours makes this unusual variety very popular.

Lynn Janish Parfait - Registered Cultivar: This selection was made by Lyn Janisch in KZN. The plant was found in her garden amongst the orange Clivia miniata. It produces a full umbel of yellow flowers that have tints of pink. As the flowers open the pink becomes darker in sufficient light so that the umbel is a mixture of colours, hence the name. There is a small notch in the tip of many petals. It is a good grower that offsets well. Flower count is approx 20 flowers per umbel.

Fairytales- (Wow x Gibson)

Royal Gala - (Andrew Gibson X Naude's Peach)

Lady Ginger/Vanilla/Raspberry - ( Lady Jane x Lynns Parfait)

Fairyland - bred from Lady Jane

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