Unusual Colours

These include, keeled petals, unusual colouring or shape of flowers.  Most of these occur as natural mutations and are difficult to breed with. The unusual shapes or colours are not always carried over to the next generation. These are mostly collector`s clivias and are kept as rarities. There is even a class at the annual show for unusual or rare flowers. We have many of these types and often win the awards at the shows.

777 `s are plants originally bred by Pikkie Strumpher of SA. We have had the honour of breeding with these plants for the past 7 years and with their unusual colours and shades they prove to be very popular. Crossed with each other these breed true. Crossed with other splash types, they breed similar splash type flowers. Many of our crosses were experimental at first, and we are still waiting for some of these to flower.

The latest trends in clivia breeding are the versi colours, multi colours, tri colours and splashes. Some of these now have their own categories as they have become increasingly popular.

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