Versi colour

Versicolour flowers – Here the colours on the inside and outside of the tepals are different.

We are breeding a new range of versi colours from different breeding material.

They range from pink versi colours to dark red and brick brown versi colours.

Versi colour genes are very dominant and are carried over to the next generation even as only the pollen parent.

We have flowered some very special versi colour flowers last season.

The famous “Star Green” is used in this breeding line.

“Star Green” is truly a one of a kind flower with dark brick red outer petals and green inner petals which gradually change to a dusty pink as it matures.

The best f1 of "Star Green" is a plant that flowered for the first time in 2018. We have named this f1 "Star Green Destiny"

“Star Green Destiny” is far superior to the original Star Green in many ways, and therefore we have decided to use this F1 in all our breeding with the Star Green range for the following reasons:

Star Green original versus F1 Star Green Destiny:

“Star Green Destiny” produces viable pollen which Star Green original does not.

“Star Green Destiny” has larger, more flared flowers than the mother plant.

The flower count on this first flower of “Star Green Destiny” is (20) florets, where “Star Green Original” has never produced more than (15) florets at maturity.

It also has the strong dark brick red versi-colour on the back of the petals.

As the colour change in the flowers is not so extreme when it matures as with the original “Star Green”, the versi-colour seems to show up better on the mature flowers.

The F1 is a larger, stronger more vigorous plant and hopefully will be less prone to pests and disease.


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